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Robot Wrestling on NHK

January 8, 2013

Japan’s NHK television organization recently aired a 5-minute segment on Robot Pro Wrestling, an event covered here before.  But the new video contains some really great footage of the robots, as well as the crowd’s reaction.  Watch for some of those amazing take-downs that we’ve begun to see lately.

One small boy says, “It was fun!”  (tanoshikatta).  A  girl adds, “They looked cool!” (kakko ii).  A woman in the audience says, “They imitate the complex movements of a person… I seem to be getting hooked on it” (Ningen poi fukuzatsuna ugoki mo shi tete… Chotto hamari-sōdesu).

The organizer of the Robot Pro Wrestling events is interviewed at some length.  That’s the masked man, who introduces himself as “Mr. Tamao.”  He says, “I do this kind of thing as a release…  I’m uploading it (the video) to spread it to people all over the world.”  He goes on to explain, “The more we spread the fun of this robot wrestling to the whole world, the more we interest our children.”  (Please excuse my rough translations.)

It’s clear that this event is great fun for the participants and audience members alike, and succeeds in engaging the audience in a memorable way.  Hats off to all who put these events together, and to NHK for some quality news coverage!

[via Robots-Dreams]

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