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Dekinnoka 11 Tournament Results

November 6, 2012

The Dekinnoka 11 Robot Pro Wrestling tournament took place in Soka City on November 3rd.  Eight robots faced off in the ring.  Each robot started with one large screw, but after each match, the winner took all the loser’s screws.  In the end, one robot had them all, and earned one wish granted by Nejiron, God of Screws.  See the videos and results below.

The first match was between Yukikaze and Nagare-Yellow.  Both these bots were slipping on the smooth floor of the ring quite a bit, but Yukikaze (wearing the white gi with blue obi) got in a great take-down at 1:50, and ultimately won the match.

Another notable match in the first round of the tournament was match 4, Thunderbolt vs. Nagare-Gold.  Both these robots are equipped with working grippers, but in two very different styles.  This was one of the few matches to end in a knockout — after six minutes of abuse, it looks like Thunderbolt just couldn’t get up.

After the first four matches, Yukikaze, Newtrino, Zerfar, and Nagare-Gold advanced to the second round.  Newtrino and Nagare-Gold each won again, leaving it down to them to face off, four screws each, for the final battle.  Check out Newtrino’s nice grab-and-drop move at 1:50.  But when it tries it again at 3:00, Nagare-Gold turns the tables on him.  It’s a long match, and both robots are clearly running out of energy by the end; see how Nagare Gold is “breathing hard” at 5:50.

In the end, though, it was Newtrino who had fallen and couldn’t get up, making Nagare-Gold the champion with all eight screws.  He invoked Nejiron, asking for a match with Saaga, a robot believed to be in Puerto Rico for its pro-wrestling training.  Nejiron immediately granted his wish, and Saaga appeared for one final, epic battle:

Saaga is a very quick and cinematic robot, making for a very exciting match.  Be sure to catch his take-down at 1:47, dumping poor Nagare-Gold on his head!  That’s not the only one in this match, either.  Nagare-Gold fought valiantly, but in the end was no match for Saaga.

Hats off to all the Dekinnoka 11 competitors, and especially to the tournament organizers, who put on a great show!



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  1. Just a few more obstacles to overcome and “Real Steel” will be a reality!

  2. Absolutely!

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