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Dancing Maid Robot Shows Her Moves

February 2, 2013

Robo-One champion robot builder Dr. GIY has been hard at work for the last year or so on a less combative robot wonder.

The new custom-built robot stands half a meter tall, and displays amazing skill both in its construction and in its animation, as you’ll see in the video below.

There is a bit of confusion about this robot’s name, which in Japanese is written プリメイド・Me.  GizMag has translated this as “Pre-made Me,” but after chatting with some Japanese friends, I think it should be “Pre Maid Me” — where “pre” stands for “pretty.”  (This is just the sort of thing that happens when a Japanese speaker borrows some English, shortens it, renders it in Japanese, and then we attempt to translate it back into English.)

Whatever you call it, there’s no argument about the artistry of this amazing new robot.  The robot’s build is based on a popular Disney character called Drossel, from the Fireball anime.  And what’s with the maid outfit, you ask?  Well, maid outfits are popular and considered very cute in Japanese culture.

The robot has a whopping 27 degrees of freedom: 6 each for the arms and legs, plus 3 more for the head.  The robot is built with Kondo servos and aluminum brackets, covered by body shells hand-crafted out of fiberglass reinforced plastic.

But enough talk — let’s get to the video.

Note how the quick, fluid movements, and how the robot occasionally balances on one leg.  Impressive work.  (In your face, Asimo.)

One of the main reasons to pursue hobby robotics is to get more kids interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).  We need more scientists and engineers to tackle the tough challenges of today, like climate change, ageing, food and energy production, and so on.  Robots teach a broad spectrum of STEM skills, which in at least some cases, will lead to those STEM careers the future needs.

But not all kids are going to be excited by robot slugging it out in the ring.  For those kids, some other form of competition (or non-competition) may be just the ticket: perhaps gymnastics, or maybe dancing, as so skillfully demonstrated here.  Kudos to Dr. GIY for applying his world-class skill in a new direction, and providing fresh inspiration to hobbyists everywhere.

[Via GizMag and Dr.  GIY’s website]

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