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Sand and Rocks Are No Barrier

April 22, 2014

A few weeks ago, I was strolling with my family on a beach (in beautiful Rarotonga, if you must know, though only because our plane stopped there on the way to somewhere else).  I was musing about robots, as usual, and my wife says, “You know what would really be impressive?  If robots could walk on sand and rocks like this.”

She had a point — you can actually feel how hard your ankles and legs are working, and how actively you’re balancing, when navigating such rough terrain.  I think I mumbled something about how someday in the future technology would get there, and probably changed the subject.

Meanwhile, Japanese robot builder “Dr. Guero” (Masahiko Yamaguchi) was busy, also as usual, and… well, just watch the video.

What can I say?  The future is here!

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