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ROBO-ONE 22 Results

March 2, 2013

Robo-One 22 Winners. From left: Hauser (3rd place), Koruteju-Miharusu (Champion), Justia (2nd Place).

The results of the ROBO-ONE 22 competition in Tokyo have been posted.  It was an exciting tournament, with nearly 50 humanoid robots duking it out for the title of champion.  The winners are:

  1. Champion: Koruteju-Miharusu (コルテージュ・ミハルス)
  2. 2nd Place: Justia (ジャスティア)
  3. 3rd Place: HAUSER.

The video below shows all the action, as well as the dead space in between the action, when we imagine the contestants were recharging batteries, making minor repairs, etc.  Don’t worry, I’ll guide you to the good parts.

The first match shown is Silver Warrior vs. Chrome Kid, won by Silver Warrior.

At 4:50, we have HAUSER vs. EXERION (エクセリオン).  Hauser is the taller robot, with the round head; it’s a close match, but Hauser gets in a couple of really hard blows, and wins in the end.

The next match starts at 9:00, and is Inferno vs. Justia.  Inferno is the red robot which seems to be having some balance troubles.

The match at 14:50 is an exhibition match, which I suspect is an attempt to get more girls involved in the sport (a very worthwhile objective).

Then there’s a long break — skip ahead to 32:00, where Koruteju-Miharusu defeats Silver Warrior.

Next, at 37:30, we have Justia vs. HAUSER.  Justia is the boxy robot with the clear plastic shield, and the loud team-spirit guy.  Watch the great take-down around 38:20.  No, seriously, go watch it.  HAUSER ends up having no use for a hat.

At 48:00, Silver Warrior and HAUSER, having each lost once, get to battle for third place.

Finally, at 57:00, the final battle between Koruteju-Miharusu and Justia determines the champion.  (There’s a good take-down here near 58:20.)

Both the first and second-place teams were from Shibaura Institute of Technology.  Third place (HAUSER) was built by team “Craftsman.”  Surprisingly, Garoo did not place this year, having lost in its fourth match to Koruteju-Miharusu.

Even more robots entered the 6th Robo-One Light competition, the results of which are posted here.  Here’s a (much shorter!) video of the final match in that competition, between Centauro (the silver one) and Sky2 (blue):

Congratulations to all who participated!

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