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New Ready-To-Fight Robot: ‘Melissa Exceed Type G’

June 5, 2013

A Japanese online craft shop, Craft House, has released a new Robo-One style humanoid robot.  The robot, called “Melissa Exceed Type G,” stands 52 cm tall and weighs 2.7 kg.  It uses 22 high-power Kondo servos; 21 of those are the KRS-4034HV, which boasts an amazing 41.7 kg cm of torque.  The robot features parallel-linkage legs, which give it increased strength and stability where it’s most needed, and large hand grippers.  The design is very similar to the “HAUSER” robot that won third place in ROBO-ONE 22.

The robot comes with a Kondo RCB-4HV control board, complete with an accelerometer and 2-axis gyro.  It also comes with a wireless VS-C3 controller, and is pre-programmed with over 30 motions, so it’s ready to fight right out of the box (except for a battery pack, which you must add).  See the product page for a video.

Melissa Exceed Type G costs about $6000 — pricey, but not outrageous for such a high-performance bot. But note that because such powerful servos can easily pinch fingers, doing real damage, this robot is sold only to hobbyists with previous humanoid robot experience, and under no circumstances is sold to anyone under 18. This, as they say, is Not A Toy.

[Via Biped Robot News Japan.]

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