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Gymnast Robot #12 Sticks the Landing

November 8, 2012


A Japanese robot builder who goes by hinamitetu on YouTube has uploaded a new video of his horizontal bar gymnast robot “Number 12”.

No.12 weighs about 6 kg, and stands 45 cm tall.  It uses a two-axis accelerometer, located in the head, to determine when to bend and flex its legs.  In the latest video, you can see No.12 swing itself around the bar, dismount with a full flip, and stick the landing.  (And I do mean “stick” literally — it has stickum on its feet to avoid slipping.)

This is a great example of another fun application of humanoid robotics — they’re not just about duking it out in the ring!  Gymnastics and dance are other forms of robo-sport, and important particularly in attracting builders to the hobby who might not be interested in more combative competitions.

So, hats off to No.12 and his builder, and let’s keep watching for more great robot gymnastics in the future!

[via Robots Dreams]

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