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Robo-One Robots Grapple for Victory

March 16, 2014

Years ago, the Robo-One competition was mostly about the robots trying to stay on their feet.  Given the slightest nudge, a humanoid robot would generally topple over, so no sophisticated attack strategies were needed — just bump into the other guy.

In recent years, though, robots have been getting better and better at staying on their feet (though they still fall flat for little or no reason from time to time).  So attack strategies have been getting more sophisticated.

In the video below (thanks to Lem Fugitt at Robots-Dreams), you can see the top robots in the Japan 7 “Bantam Weight” (2-3 kg) competition.  The silver robot, Bayonet Onyx, is equipped with large claws, which it successfully employs twice in the match to grab his opponent and literally grapple him to the ground.


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  1. DLC permalink

    It would so be my honor to go to Japan and be defeated by the pros!


  2. Indeed! That’s on my to-do list. But first I have to make a bot capable of qualifying!

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