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Chris Farrell launches epic robot combat RTS/FPS game

October 5, 2012

Dysis prototype screen shotChris Farrell, the son in the “Farrell Robotics” father/son team that are by far the top American humanoid Robo-One builders, has launched a KickStarter campaign to fund further development of a unique robot video game.

The game is called Dysis, and is described as a “real time strategy/first person shooter hybrid.”  It takes place in a chunky, malleable environment like Minecraft, and involves development and combat with armies of robots.  You’ll be able to control these robots from an overhead view, as in an RTS, or enter any of your robots and control it directly in a first-person view.  The game will run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.  Here’s a video:

Rewards for backing his KickStarter range from a copy of the beta for a meager $10, to a full custom-built Robo-One robot using the same design Chris has used to win several world competitions.  That latter will set you back $10k, but for a robot at this level, that’s actually not a bad price.

So go visit Chris’s KickStarter page and show him some love.  If he does video games even half as well as he does robotics, this is going to rock!

(Thanks to Robots-Dreams for the tip.)

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  1. Music began playing when I opened this web site, so annoying!

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