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Walking biped robot… made of paper

September 26, 2012

Papercraft RobotAll right, this Hack a Day post (originally from Make) is amazing.  Japanese papercraft maker Kikousya has built a full wind-up walking humanoid entirely out of paper, rubber bands, tape, and glue.  This isn’t like your typical wind-up toy where the support footprint of the two feet actually overlap — this thing has perfectly reasonable feet, and it walks by shifting its weight, just like you and me.  (Jump to 3:10 or so in the build video to see it actually walk.)

There is only one (wind-up) motor, so if you were ever looking for ideas for a minimal (one-servo?) biped design, you could certainly get some here.

But watch that build video.  The intricacy of this thing is amazing.

…This must be the sort of thing people do when they don’t have kids.


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