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21st Robo-One Results

September 17, 2012

The 21st Robo-One competition was recently held in Japan.  It’s a big event,  for which entrants must qualify by first running a foot race.  Sufficiently agile bots then pair off in a big elimination tournament.

You can see the complete results here, where the winner of each match is shown with a yellow line.  Most of the robot names are written in katakana, the phonetic writing system used mainly for foreign words, so with this introduction, you should be able to decipher them.

The final match came down to Cortejyu Miharusu vs. Garoo.  Here’s a great video of this final match, thanks to Robots-Dreams:

And the winner is… Garoo!  This is Garoo’s third win (read more about its second win here), and one of the few Robo-One bots built by a woman.  I’ll try to dig up more details about this great bot and its builder for future posts.

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